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What shall we do during Covid 19

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Covid19 is rebounded in European, what shall we do during these time? I think some people work at home.

Except works, what can we do else?

We can run when we cook at kitchen. Do not need running machine. You can run at any time.


You can also do weight lifting.


You can also do Yoga at home. Put a yoga mat and it is better to put a yoga towel on mat.

This kind of yoga towel fabric is very light and thin, non slip. It can adsorb sweat very well and quick dry.

Take care of your skin very well. During Covid 19,  put a yoga towel is a best choice. After finished yoga, use 

microfiber towel to wipe your sweat. This kind of fabric is very healthy.


After  finished exercising, you can cook some delicious food.

It looks very attractive. Listen music. Very wonderful day. Enjoy your time at home.