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What is Microfiber?

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Microfiber is a fiber , the diameter is only 1% of a hair. It is long life, 5 times longer than cotton. It is difficult to breed bacteria and difficult to become mildewed.

Strong water absorption, 7 times than other fiber.This fiber is soft, comfortable not became harden when use long time. Clean deeply. Used at home, sports, laboratory, hospital, beauty, schools and so on.


Microfiber also can make sports towel, cooling towel, travel towel, beach towel, fashionalble clothes, T-shirts, underwear, skirts. It also can used for sports, to swim or ski and so on, because this fabric can reduce resistance, so it is popular in sports.

The advantage of this fabric is as follows:

  1. Soft and good flexibility.

  2. Wrinkle resistance and abrasive resistance.

  3. Strong cleanliness.

  4. Keep warm.

  5. Strong water absorption and good oil absorption.