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The Advantage of Swimming Young

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Many parents these days start their kids swimming at three years old and older. What parents do not 

realize that this is not young enough. These days swim schools offer ” Mommy and Me” private or 

semi-private swim classes and it may seem ridiculous because of the young starting age, but IT’S NOT! 

In my experience the younger the better! When the child starts at an older age, fear sets it stronger. 

Now I’m not saying that a baby would not be scared of the water, but an older child is more likely to 

have water anxiety. I have been teaching swimming lessons since 2006 and I can tell you that 70% 

of my students afraid of the water are three years old and up. The baby swim classes are for survival 

and getting them accustomed to being in open water (besides a small bathtub). So even if they are 

starting at very young age, do not think the lessons are not working if the baby is not grasping the skills 

right away.  Simply being in the water and getting accustomed to the pool has huge advantages for 

learning to swim.

Here are some tips that you as a parent can do to start getting your infant or baby comfortable in the water:

  • ●Always sprinkle water on the tops of their heads when in the bathtub

  • ●Do not worry about getting their faces wet! (as long as their isn’t any soap.)

  • ●Use the same toys from the bathtub for your baby’s first swim lesson in the pool

I have a client who isn’t shy with getting her two baby girls (Elle- 2 years old & Sierra-1 years old) 

submerged in the bathtub. She has played in the bath with her daughters since they were infants. 

This bathtub play has made a big difference in getting her girls comfortable in the water. The first 

day of having lessons with them, I could tell that they really love the water and did not care when 

pool water hits their face. You can imagine how much faster they learned to swim without needing 

to spend time getting used to water during the swim lessons.

This is a huge advantage for your child to start young (6 months), they will be swimmers sooner

because of taking the time to play with them in the bath . The best adcantage as a parent is that 

you wont have to deal with that four year old screaming going to his /her  swimming lessons.  

From one  swim instructor to all parents, do yourself a favor and start them young! It could save 

their lives and is a great bonding opportunity as well. And remember to always make the water a 

fun place! 

By the way, please rembember that don't forget to take swim goggle and swim cap for your baby 

and yourself!