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How to exercise in winter?

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Is it good or bad to exercise in winter?

Exercise in winter, the muscle contractions , breathe quickly, blood circulation  became quickly, the metabolism is creative,  in the same time, it can increase oxygen of cerebrum, cold resistance is higher 8-12 times.  So exercise in winter can improve memory ,learning efficiency. 

Is it good in outdoor or indoor?

If exercise at outdoor, it can improve body, the body can adapt cold  environment, improve body adaptability.

If insist on exercising outdoor, peopele is difficult to catach a cold or other diseases.

The good sport items in winter is as follows:

Slowly running

This sports item suits difference aged people. To wear running sports shoes.


This sports is more and more popular now. Wearing cycling clothes and take one piece of small square microfiber towel to wipe sweat

or to wipe your goggles if you wear goggle.



Young people like this sports. Wearing ski goggle, skiing clothes, it is also take a light weight quick dry towel, when you need, you can use the towel to wipe sweat or others.


Which time is better to exercise?

For young people, it is better at 10AM or 5PM. For Middle-aged people is better after job, about 18:00-20:00. For old people, it is better at 14:00 -19:00.