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Balance Your Body and Mind with Yoga

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Balance Your Body and Mind with Yoga

“Yoga is amazing for mind-body awareness – meaning, the connection between your mind and 

what it wants the body to do. And how quickly and efficiently the body reacts is improved,” says 

Sara Johnson, yoga instructor at North Pines Yoga and Pilates. “This can cross over into many 

sports by increasing reaction times and decreasing the chances of injury when using poor body 

mechanics. Yoga is also great for increasing strength and flexibility. This will allow you to participate 

in activities longer with less soreness at the end of the day.”

Yoga is zero to low impact and is safe for most anyone, she says. “For more active people looking 

to increase agility and flexibility, I would recommend a more dynamic or ‘flow’ style class. The 

‘flow’ classes have more movement and you can get some good cardio training. There are usually 

balance poses that will work on core strength. The beauty of Yoga is that any time you are in a pose 

that works on strength, you are also getting length in the muscles.”