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Travel Treasure: Multi-purpose travel towel

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Nothing ruins a vacation like sand in your towel. Okay maybe missing a flight or losing your passport would 

be worse but for . Our quick drying towel are tackling the problem we’ve all had after a day at the beach.


If you’re an ultralight thru-hiker, the idea of bringing a towel is pretty low on the list of things to carry. But if you have a few 

more days in the woods and are near a lake, river or ocean, a quick-drying travel towel holds a certain appeal.It works as 

a blanket, wash cloth, napkin, poncho and sandy-feet cleaner.


When you feel the air conditioning is too cld on the plane, you can use our travel towel as a blanket over your bady for a 

restful sleep. You can also use the travel towel as a personal flier to keep out germs while relaxing at your hotel.


The small size of this travel towel, packaging is also very easy to carry, is our business travel essential equipment!Travel artifact!