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The benefits of swimming

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Now it is in winter, how can we exercise our body?  Swimming is a good sports. I will introduce the benefits of swimming.

Before we go to swim, we should prepare swimwear, swim cap, swim goggle and it is better to take one piece of light weight towel, i think Jinbo microfiber sports towel is good choice. What are the benefits of swimming? 


1. Keep relax.

It can keep you relax when you are swimming. It can lose your negative emotions, keep your mood quiet. Relax your brain, make positive emotions.

2. Improve your skin.

Swimming can improve blood circulation and improve skin. But if you swim under the sun, it should proct your skin well.

3.Burn fat.

When we swim in the water, the muscle of body can be exercised.

4. Control blood pressure.

When we swim, it help to reduce blood pressure.

5. Swim can help increase vital capacity. But if you have disease of respiratory system, you should ask the doctor.


What should we  pay attention when we go to swim?

1. When you are all of a sweat , it cant swim.

2.Empty stomach or full stomach , it cant swim.

3.Infectious diseases or cardiovascular diseases cant swim.