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How to choose swim goggles

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  1. After we wear the goggle, it can fit your face very well. Western people should choose small lens goggles because of their face features. For Asia people, because of flat face, it is better to choose bigger lens of goggles.

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  2. Anti-fog, choose a model which can keep anti-fog long time. The lens should be clearly and anti-fog well. It is not good to  choose darker colors of lens.

  3. Near-sighted people should choose the degrees which lower 50 degrees  than your real degrees.If two eyes are difference degrees, it is better to choose lower degrees.

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How to keep well goggles after swimming:

  1. After we use it, pls use  water to clean it ,do not use towel to wipe the lens.

  2. After we use it, pls put the goggles in a airy and dry place, do not put it in the sunshine. 

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