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Best traffic way

Views: 6     Author: Victoria     Publish Time: 2020-11-16      Origin: Site

During COVID-19 is serious now, many people dont take public traffic go out  but to  choose the new one,  by bike. 

Studies have shown hat  when ride bike one kilometer, it can decrease 250g  carbon dioxide. It can improve life quality, 

and public healthy, especially improve air quality.If ride bikes on usual, it can decrease risky of cancer by 40%, decrease 

early death 40%,decrase  heart disease 50%. If you usually ride bikes, it can improve your immunity also.


In Netherland,   one quarter people ride bikes when they go out. The numbers of bikes are much than cars. Netherland is the best successful cycling culture countries in the world.

COVID 19 tell us we should to change communication media, if more and more people change to ride bikes, the city will be has good quality air and good traffic, more safe street, people will have more healthy body.

You can take a quick dry towel,  it is better thin and light and take it easy. It is better to make the towel  around  your wrist and wipe your sweat when you need.

It is really a good choice .