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About Yoga

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Yoga had 5000 years history, it came from old India.  T It can improve people physiology, mentality,emotion and mind. 

 If you insist on doing yoga  always,  it can meet physical and mental integrity. 


What is the favour of Yoga?  Pls see the below:

1.Improve metabolism.

2.Enhance vitality. Especially improve internal secretion.

3.Delay senescence, decrease wrinkles, improve skin well.

4.Keep relax and keep young.


What's  the notice before doing yoga?

1.Prepare a yoga mat and or put a yoga towel. Keep relax for a few minutes.

2. Wear elastic clothes, bare feet.

3. It is better to have professional  teacher to guide actions.

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What's the notice after doing yoga?

After finished yoga, there will be much sweat, dont have a bath immediately, it is better to use quick dry towel to wip sweat.

Have a rest , wait 20-30 minutes  then to have a bath.

Yoga is a very good sports, it is better to exercise always.