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A satisfying beach towel

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Too often your typical beach towel becomes a soggy, heavy, sand-infested, textile pile after 

a few hours or less at the beach. You know the drill—go for a swim; come back and sit on towel; 

try unsuccessfully to clean wet, sandy hand on wet, sandy towel to remove wet sand from face to 

no avail. 

I saw “sand free” when I ordered one of beach towels that come in many different unique and 

beautiful designs, and cynically thought to myself, yeah right. But an early summer beach outing 

that included throwing down said towel on a mix of grass, sand, and goose poop for a wet, sandy 

child to picnic on, changed my tune.

These towels are light and compact for packing to your favorite beach, look super cool, dry fast, 

and, best of all, magically seem to repel sand. 



They can be digitally printed in pretty patterns and logos, and of course solid color are pretty,too.



let's take them on our trip together!