Jinbo sports products are manufactured from microfiber fabrics and silicone. Our primary products include microfiber towels, swim caps, swim goggles, clothing and apparel. Our microfiber fabric is made up of polyester and nylon fibers. These materials are antimicrobial and fast drying. Jinbo products come in a variety of colors to choose from and sizes can be customized as well.

    1. Travel TowelJinbo microfiber sports towels are lightweight and highly moisture wicking. Throw one in your bag and be surprised at how much room you have left for your other gym gear. The towels are antimicrobial and prevent the buildup of bacteria that can cause foul odors.
    1. Terry Travel TowelTraditional towels are great for home use but who wants to travel with them? They're bulky and they take forever to dry, so if they end up in a bag before they're fully dried, they're going to become smelly. Jinbo travel microfiber towels solve this problem.
    1. Coral Plush Travel TowelJinbo microfiber face towels are designed for people on the go as well as those who enjoy the nice silky feeling of microfiber on their face when grooming. The microfiber design makes the towels quick drying and absorbent.
    1. Sports TowelThe microfiber bath towel is essential for swimming, bathing, hot springs, business trip, home etc. It quickly pulls water from your skin and dries 3 times faster than common towels. Color: lake blue, pink, green, gray, lilac color, sky blue or customized.
    1. Terry Sports Towel
    1. Swimming Towel
    1. Terry Swimming Towel
    1. Beach Towel
    1. Yoga Towel
    1. Cooling Towel
    1. Polyester Swim CapThe polyester swim cap is suitable for hobbyists and professional athletes alike to protect the swimmer's hair and head. The polyester swim cap is less expensive than swim caps made of other materials. It is wrinkle-free, high temperature resistant and wearable.
    1. Lycra Swim CapWe can provide custom Lycra swim caps for both swimming hobbyists and professional athletes due to its comfortable, air-permeable design.
    1. PU Coating Swim CapThe PU coating swim cap is suitable for professional and non-professional swimmers alike, no matter their age. The PU coating swim cap is the upgraded nylon/spandex swim cap with moderate price.
    1. Silicone Swim CapThe silicone swim cap is suitable for professional and non-professionals alike, however, it is not recommended for use on children under 7. The silicone swim cap is made of high grade silicone with no toxicity and no pollution. It is high and low temperature resistant, as well as aging resistant, giving it a long service life.
    1. 3D PU cap
    1. Printing pu swim cap
    1. Silicone Coated Cap

Jinbo mainly provides sports products and here are microfiber fabric and silicone products in stock, including microfiber towel, swim cap, swim goggles, clothing and apparel for sale. As our microfiber fabric made of polyester and nylon, is fast dry and not easy to cause bacterial, so it is preferred in making travel and sports tower, and there are a lot of colors for choose, also size can be customized in specific needs.